Valcucine Chicago is proud to offer custom European walk-in-closets by LEMA. LEMA walk-in closets revolutionizes the traditional concept of storage and creates a tailor-made haven. A living and dressing area, each object naturally fits within a flexible, functional and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing system, satisfying the needs of its user. For LEMA, the walk-in closet does not represent luxury in the strictest meaning of the term, it is rather the visualization of a state of mind and lifestyle that embraces personal spaces.

The selection ensures maximum personalisation thanks to a wide range of solutions, shelves, bases, drawers, equipment and accessories.

Objects, lights, materials and geometry unite in creating the intimate and engaging atmosphere that Lema is renown for. A private place, warm and welcoming: this is the world enclosed in a Lema walk-in closet.


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